Pro Tools Goes High Definition - Pro Tools|HD

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January 18, 2002

Digidesign announced the release of Pro Tools|HD, an all-new,high-definition Pro Tools system for professional studios, at the Winter NAMM show. The most comprehensive system of its kind, Pro Tools|HD offers audio professionals superb quality and efficiency through one intuitive, integrated production environment. This high-definition system embodies the latest Digidesign innovations, incorporating cutting-edge technology to deliver unprecedented sonic fidelity and price/performance.

Featuring DSP power, comprehensive sample rate support, brand new high-resolution audio interfaces and peripheral options, abundant track count and I/O capacity, extensive routing flexibility, and much more, Pro Tools|HD gives you control over your audio production world like never before.

With an intuitive software interface, dedicated hardware and the processing power of the host computer, Pro Tools|HD sets a new standard for power and flexibility.Every aspect of this world-class system is designed to empower you to take projects from concept to completion within a single, integrated environment.

Pro Tools|HD systems are available in three expandable core configurations: Pro Tools|HD 1, HD 2 and HD 3. Pro Tools|HD 1 features the HD Core PCI card, supporting up to 32 channels of I/O, 96 simultaneous audio tracks, and housing a host of powerful DSPs that provide the dedicated mixing and processing horsepower audio professionals have come to expect from Pro Tools. Pro Tools|HD 2 includes the HD Core card and an additional HD Process PCI card, offering more than double the mixing and processing power of HD 1 systems, support for 64 channels of I/O, and up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks. Pro Tools|HD 3 features the HD Core card and two additional HD Process cards, supporting up to 96 channels of I/O and 128 simultaneous audio tracks. This configuration offers the ultimate in power and flexibility,enabling you to complete projects more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

All three core Pro Tools|HD systems require at least one HD audio interface--192 I/O or 96 I/O to facilitate I/O functionality. 192 I/O is the best sounding audio interface ever offered from Digidesign. Along with its sonic specs (including support for sample rates up to 192 kHz), 192 I/O features an additional I/O option bay, allowing the addition of more inputs or outputs, and making it one of the most unique and flexible audio interfaces on the market. 96 I/O offers Pro Tools users a high-resolution, multi-channel audio interface with excellent sonic performance (including support for sample rates up to 96 kHz)at a remarkable price.

The remainder of the Pro Tools|HD hardware series consists of three new peripherals designed to seamlessly complement the capabilities of Pro Tools|HD. SYNC I/O serves as the master synchronization device for Pro Tools|HD, supporting all major industry-standard clock sources and time code formats. Built to satisfy all of your synchronization needs, SYNC I/O delivers the most consistent, dependable solution for Pro Tools systems as well as other digital devices in the studio. PRE offers eight channels of world-class mic preamplification, providing a pristine analog path into the Pro Tools|HD environment. Combining serious performance with extensive remote-control capability and stand-alone viability, PRE is a natural choice for any recording project. Finally, MIDI I/O is the custom-tailored, USB-powered MIDI solution for Pro Tools systems. Featuring ten MIDI input/output ports, MIDI I/O also supports Digidesign Time-Stamping (coming soon) for unprecedented timing accuracy.

Enabling communication between these devices is accomplished with a new series of custom cabling solutions called DigiSnakes and DigiLinks. DigiSnakes include various connector configurations, facilitating transmission between your studio and Digidesignis ProControl or Control|24 control surfaces, or 192 I/O or PRE interfaces. DigiSnakes are available individually or in kit form (for control surfaces). All DigiSnakes are designed with 110-ohm digital grade cable (TDIF-to-TDIF is data-grade), allowing them to carry either digital or analog signals. They are offered in 12 or 25-foot lengths, are backed by a lifetime warranty, and include cable bales (except on DigiSnake Kits) as well as custom coloring and labeling for easy identification. DigiLink interface cables connect Pro Tools|HD I/O peripherals to HD PCI cards,o r HD I/Os to HD I/Os. They are available in 1.5, 12, 25, 50 and 100-foot lengths to accommodate diverse studio applications.

As with previous Pro Tools systems, software components account for the other half of Pro Tools|HD.Pro Tools 5.3 software comprises the visual interface to Pro Tools|HD, working with HD hardware components to supply all of the tools needed to take projects through every stage of the audio production process efficiently and intuitively. From manipulating audio waveforms to editing MIDI note and automation data, everything required to compose, record, edit, and mix audio/MIDI compositions with the utmost precision is accessible via the Pro Tools 5.3 software interface.

Increasing creative possibilities, Pro Tools|HD supports a wide range of signal processing and sound design plug-ins and applications. As a primer, or an addition to existing collections, Pro Tools|HD systems include the HDpack(TM), a plug-in bundle providing thousands of dollars worth of Digidesign and Development Partner effects plug-ins for free.

Pro Tools|HD system pricing starts at $7,995 USD,not including an audio interface.