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Thank you for visiting our web site!

Ishibashi Music is now able to accept orders from overseas customers for items such as long as your total amount of order is more than 50,000 JPY.

Please note this amount does not include the shipping/insurance fee since this differs from each country. Please click here for the reason why.

In addition, please be so kind to understand that we are now asking our overseas customers to pay some handling charge for their order. The handling charge for your order is usually 3,000 JPY per one item.

Gender: Mr. Ms.
First Name:
Last Name:
Your Country:
How much is the shipping cost?
Your e-mail address:
Your question is related to... :

If your question is related to "Product Inquiry" or "Ordering", please write the name of that item and its inquiry number in the following.

Name of the item:
Inquiry number:

* Inquiry number is 9 digits written under or close to the name of the item. If it does not have one, there is no need for you to write it.

I cannot find it.


  1. The items which we have in stock are displayed and sold at our storefront. For this reason, we are afraid to advise you that we would not be able to select one especially for you.
  2. Use items which are sold as "JUNK" is sold in as-is condition. We would not be able to check the details for JUNK items sorry.
  3. Please note that it is difficult for us to ship large-sized items such as amplifiers, drum kits or digital pianos with a stand.
If your question is related to a used item, what kind of condition is acceptable at your end? Cosmetic condition
I am looking for a near-mint condition item.
Minor scratches/dents/finish chips are OK for me.
I do not care about the cosmetic condition as long as the playing condition is good.
Neck, Fret condition

*for customers considering of purchasing guitars/basses

Neck condition
I do not care about the neck condition.
The neck has to be in good condition.
Fret condition
I do not care about fret wears.
The fretwear has to be minimum.
There is no problem as long as the fretwear does not effect the playing condition.
Replaced, Modified and Missing Parts
Please advise me which parts are replaced, modified or missing.
I do not care about replacments or modifications.

[ Modification ]
Is is difficult for us to check specifications, modifications or replacements for guitars sold under 50,000 JPY. We are selling the guitar as-is.

[ Pictures ]
Before asking us to send you pictures for the used items you have sent us an inquiry of, please check the pictures posted on our U-BOX web page. If the page does not show any pictures of that item or does not show serious damages which the item has, we would arrange some pictures for you. Please note that minor damages (small scratches and dents) are difficult to take pictures of.

If you would like to know anything else related to your inquiry, please write your question in the following.


If you live in Japan and have any interest in a use item listed on the U-BOX, please directly contact our store where the item is located through the U-BOX.

Our stores except for Shibuya, does not ship any items internationally. For international customers, please be so kind to use this inquiry form whenever you are considering of purchasing an item which we handle. For items which we have posted on e-Bay, please send us a message from the web site below:

Our sales representative will respond as soon as possible. If you contact us and do not receive a response right away, please be patient.

Ishibashi Music does not share mailing list information, so your name and e-mail address won't be passed on to anyone else.

We accept your inquiry (order) by telephone, however, due to auditorial regulation, please send us your order in written format by E-MAIL or FAX MESSAGE at the same time.


[ For overseas customers and English-speaking local customers ]

11:30am-8:30pm (JST) 7 days a week, except New Years Day.

[ For local Japanese-speaking customer ]

If you are a resident in Japan and if you are interested in purchasing a NEW item ONLINE, please contact WEB SHOP.

11am-8pm, JST, 7 days a week


[ For overseas customers and English-speaking local customers ]


[ For local Japanese-speaking customer ]



[ For overseas customers and English-speaking local customers ]

Ishibashi Music
Shibuya BEAM 2F, 31-2
Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0042, JAPAN

[ For local Japanese-speaking customers interested in purchasing new items ]

Ishibashi Music WEB SHOP
1F OS Bldg, 2-14,
Kanda-Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0052, JAPAN

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