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    item number: 03-316641511

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  • Condition:B+
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    Please note that this instrument requires a CITES exportpermit in order to be shipped outside of Japan. Please see below forimportant information about CITES.

    Cosmetic:Some scratches and other marks (please see the pictures).
    Frets: Goodcondition.
    Truss rod: Some room left for adjustment.
    Neck: Slighttwist but no playability issues.

    Country: Japan
    Accessories: Soft case (slightly damaged butfunctional)

    CITES information:
    By purchasing an instrumentwith parts made of any restricted species, you agree to thefollowing.

    1. We will apply for an export permit for theinstrument when it has been sold as it will be issued in the name andaddress of the buyer *. It usually takes about 1 month for theauthorities to process the application but can take longer. For yourpeace of mind, we will double check the condition before sending theapplication. Once we have sent the application, we do not acceptcancellations, nor refund requests.
    2. Some countries require thereceiver to apply for an import license before the order can be shipped(this is in addition to the time frame stated above as all countriestreat this differently). By purchasing the instrument, you confirm thatyou are aware of the rules and regulations and fees concerning yourcountry.
    3. In case our export application is rejected, we willcancel the order and issue a refund.
    * According to Japanese law, thename and address must match the billing information on your PayPalaccount.